End of year – conclusions

December 20, 2011

Participants in the class action against Pushtraffic and the Raygoza Gang already will know what has happened.
The defendants, who delayed the court hearing for months, eventually failed to show and did not contest the action in the end.
The Raygoza Gang was a group that scammed millions of dollars from victims all around the world, before their shonky outfit was busted.
Problem is: the court cannot enforce a judgment in this case.
As victims have learned, the defendants now claim to be penniless, having been allowed sufficient time to hide their loot.
Yes, the no-goodnik who stole so much of our money now asks us to believe he is bankrupt.
Aside from Raygoza, another target that ought to be pursued is the complicity of the credit card institutions. This site has already observed how fragmented and unsatisfactory American consumer protection is. I already suggested that this scamming could not go on without the eager complicity and gullible support from the credit card institutions (Visa and MasterCard). Indeed, I have been so enraged at their willingness to aid and abet fraud, that I have cut up my Visa cards.
My rancour at the betrayal of customer interests by Visa is unstilled.
In the process of collecting evidence against Pushtraffic, I sent letters to Visa’s Chargeback Processing Center in Holloway. I asked Visa to explain the decision in my case (i.e why chargeback was refused). I never got a reply from them. So much for Visa customer service. The arrogance of a big institution.
Do you think it is worthwhile for me to file a separate complaint against Visa with the Federal Trade Commission? I can’t say I would ever expect much response from that department, let alone anything worthwhile. I would be lucky even to get an acknowledgement of complaint. As my attorney in this case, noted : “to get a useful or considerate response out of the FTC would take an Act of God” (my paraphrase)
Is there a forum where angry customers can amplify their complaints against the credit card institutions?
My sombre conclusion for 2011: Given the shortage of funds, for all victims of Pushtraffic, the outlook at this stage allows rather little hope for restitution.


Raygoza ordered to pay up

September 20, 2011

The judgement is delivered.
What we all were awaiting for a long time has come to pass. As the Raygoza gang failed to show, they have been found in default of court. They therefore forfeit, and have no choice but to pay up.
However, the bad news for victims is that the Court in California does not follow up on these judgements.
It is now a challenge for the victims to track down the dispersed assets of the racketeer.
Oh, let’s not overlook the felony charges. That is a separate case, and no doubt any money Raygoza still has left will be spent on his criminal defense.
I would never have had anything to do with this nasty bunch if some LA rat named Alex Sainz had never phoned me in May, 2009. How I curse the day I took that call.

How I curse Visa, the treacherous credit card entity who aided and abetted this fraud, the credit authority who constantly ignored entreaties from Pushtraffic’s victims and who preferred the business of the gangsters.
Visa, quite simply, has been an instrument of fraud, and I wonder if political support can be amassed for a case in the FTC.
I never received any reply to my questions sent to the Visa Chargeback processing center in Holloway.
If no proceeds can be extracted from the gangsters with the defunct merchant account, I wonder how to take Visa to task.
But the global financial services industry is on the cusp of a crisis. The citadels of finance are trembling. The great reckoning is near.
With all the global upheavals, I predict Visa’s downfall, some time, somehow. You read it here first.

Some new legal targets; Attorney Michael A. Fitzpatrick and Attorney Andrew L. Weitz

September 3, 2011

Can the STATE BAR of CALIFORNIA help us?

Some victims will be interested in giving evidence against the henchmen of the racketeers, Fitzpatrick and Weitz. I have already spoken to the LAPD about at least one of the pair, but the outcome of their investigation has not been made known to me, yet.
Nor do I know what action the detectives plan.
Here is one way to get at the bastards; get them deregistered. I’m sure the Association does not want trash like this choice pair.
Useful to know: the Californian Bar Association has a hotline for complaints meriting an ethics investigation. (certainly applies to any associate of the Raygoza Gang)

Complaints concerning discipline and ethics;
State Bar of California.

Attorney Complaint Hotline:
1-213-765-1200 (outside California)

The State BAr of California
San Francisco (Main Office)
180 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Los Angeles
1149 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Can anyone supply the full names and addresses of Michael Fitzpatrick and Andrew Weitz, the better to pursue them? It would be useful to know their domiciles during 2009.

Latest on legalities of the JP Raygoza scandals

June 25, 2011

Raygoza was released on bail in May, while more recently, Molina (general manager of Pushtraffic) also got released on bail a short time later.
It appears that Raygoza did turn up for a hearing of the civil cases, but has been allowed 6 weeks to get his act together. Half that time already has passed by June 25.

Said before, JP raygoza promoted himself as an internet marketing “guru”. JPR promises to make money for his clients, but instead, provides plenty of business for lawyers. Why does an internet “guru” need 3 attorneys? When JPR’s scam empire was in full swing, those legal types were employed to fight furious clients. Now some of the same legal team are being employed to keep Raygoza and his cronies out of jail.


May 7, 2011

Pent-house to penitentiary


At time of posting, Raygoza is being held in The Twin Towers block by the (LA) Sheriff in Santa Clara county.
He was arrested on April 27, 2011.
A judicial hearing is imminent.
Bail required was $455000, but none has – so far- been posted.
(You’d think Raygoza’s mother had been passed enough loot to stump up a deposit- it does not need to exceed 10%)
I doubt that a remand cell block would be quite as commodious nor as appealing as Raygoza’s much-vaunted penthouse, not to mention his Malibu Beach palace. (strictly for business that, not pleasure!)
What this means to Raygoza’s swarms of dissatisfied former customers and sundry other creditors is, at this time, hard to estimate.
It remains to be seen how much of Raygoza’s money has been put out of reach.
Knowing the criminal mind, it is very likely that the reason Raygoza has not posted bail is to deprive plaintiffs of getting their hands on any of his money, even though half a million would not cover damages due from the current class action.
Stay posted for further news.
The sheriff’s website only describes the charge as ‘felony’.
The charge (and other facts) will soon be made public.
It would appear that Raygoza had a torrid altercation in one of his residences, either with an uncooperative associate or with an angry customer.
And it went much further than a fight. Looks like Raygoza went too far this time.
The circumstances surrounding Raygoza’s arrest make it clear that it is now fair to apply the description ‘thug’ to this smarmy fraudster. It is no longer possible to take seriously any of the (always dubious) defenses or defenders of this nasty piece of work.
We can now begin to turn our attention to some of his accomplices, including his attorneys, Michael Fitzpatrick and Andrew Weitz, who did so much to keep Raygoza’s criminal operations going in California. Raygoza’s whole purpose in keeping a legal squad was to fight his customers. As well as to keep his racketeering deceit going. How’s that for business ethics?
Now the whole shonky house of cards is crashing down about him, and Raygoza is inside it!
The beginning of the end for an over-fed, over-rewarded upstart with an unscrupulous attitude to business, who has brought disrepute to internet marketing in the USA and beyond.
A well-deserved ending it will be too, considering the misery this thug has brought to so many people.

latest on the legal case against Raygoza and co.

May 5, 2011

The lawyers most involved in prosecution of the case against the Malibu Beach Monster have observed:
“Now Raygoza’s team of defense attorneys are withdrawing after having mounted a vigorous defense for nearly a year. “
This delay in justice is trying our patience, but note that all the delays are coming from the defendant’s side.
Who does the no-good John rAygoza think he is? The idea that a car-park attendant should be just able to go out and grab whatever wealth he likes, by a wholly reprehensible process of dishonest marketing and be allowed to keep the ill-gotten gains is an affront to civilization. It is the delusion of the brutal bandit. But Raygoza is just a gangster without guts. He has got this far without shooting anyone (supposedly).
It is tempting to speculate why the District Attorney of LA has not gone in hard with a criminal prosecution, as the evidence against the Raygoza Gang is overwhelming. My belief is that the Police do not wish to stand in the way of the civil litigation, which would be suspended and preempted if Raygoza got his criminal indictment now. But Raygoza would be deluded to imagine he can go on delaying justice forever. Some things money can’t buy.

more news on the class action

March 23, 2011

Better company than the JP Raygoza gang.

We, the victims of the scammer, John Paul Raygoza (formerly of Los Angeles and recently seen polluting the waters at Malibu Beach), have been seeking justice by means of a class action since the middle of 2010.

More delays have been sought by the defendants. (see post of 2010)

The latest cause of a delay in legal proceedings is that the attorneys of two of the defendants have asked for withdrawal because their clients have not paid their legal costs!

What attorney would want to take on the cases of scumbags like these when they have a record of defaulting on payments?

Interesting idea. As Raygoza has long pockets, why doesn’t he pay the lawyers’ bills of his henchmen and partners in crime?